Welcome to SmashingHTML5

This site is the companion site to SmashingHTML5, the book that introduces you to HTML5 some CSS3, a little JavaScript and a bit of PHP. At this time, HTML5 is pretty new, and the browsers are all over the map as far as fully implementing HTML5; so I’d like to talk about the different browsers as they are developing to get started.

Along the way, I’d like to look at new elements, attributes, values and anything else related to HTML5. This site will focus on HTML5, and for more general issues relating to the Web development, you’ll want to look at Smashing Magazine. Also, you’ll want to look at Smashing JavaScript, Smashing CSS3, and Smashing WordPress for more in-depth treatment of the many topics found in Smashing Magazine.

Your comments, feedback and ideas are all important for this blog, and I welcome everyone’s comments.

Bill Sanders
September 2010


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